mama bear blooms (illustrated) with Danielle Donaldson

Date: Saturday, September 30, 2017
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Running with Scissors Art Studio, 5700 Broadway, Sacramento, CA
You will receive a materials list via email in advance of the class.
A Delicious lunch is included!

If you LOVE to draw or want to learn and you think watercolors are the dreamiest thing ever, I hope you’ll come to my newest workshop, mama bear blooms (illustrated)

During our time together, we’ll work through a beautifully detailed step-by-step watercolor illustration of a sweet mama bear filled with blossoms and leaves. The first half of the day will be filled with illustrating and painting repeat floral patterns. The second half of the day, I’ll walk you through each step of the mama bear project.

Because this class is open to all levels of students, you may work at a different pace than your neighbor. Please keep in mind that this is a project-based class and you may finish earlier in the afternoon or might have to complete your project at home. Because watercolor does not allow me to demonstrate on an easel, you’ll need to gather ’round several times throughout the day and watch me do my thing at my desk. I will do my best to keep all demos under 10 minutes long. If you find extra time on your hands while others are still working, you’ll have a bonus handout with a project to copy based on the skills you have already learned. 

Techniques and skills included are: floral illustration, repeat pattern painting, animal drawing

Biography: Danielle Donaldson is a mixed-media artist and illustrator.  She is always scheming up new ways to infuse her love of watercolors and other mediums with as much color as possible.  Danielle’s art always tells a story without words through her use of color, depth and light. Some say it’s whimsical; she says it’s fanciful with a smidge of sassy.  Danielle is the author of creativeGIRL: mixed media projects for an artful life’ which contains a plethora of goodness about her art and process. In her free time, you can find her in ‘the dorm room’ playing with art supplies and imagining up new creative stuff to share.

Each student will need the following:

For my recommended/favorite products, please refer to

  • Daniel Smith watercolors or an artist-grade equivalent.
  • Please don’t use the “Hobby Lobby” set of watercolors that come in a white tray with multiple circles! Many of the colors are mixed with white paint and don’t mix well using my techniques. If you are on a budget, please bring the Grumbacher 24-color TRANSPARENT pan set.
  • Several round watercolor-only paint brushes in various sizes. (Suggested sizes are #0, #2 and #4 rounds, and ½” angle)
  • Sketchbook/sketch paper
  • 1pack of Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor paper (8X10 or 9X12 Strathmore 500 series, 140 lb. cold press)
  • 1pack of Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor paper (5X7 Strathmore 500 series, 140 lb. cold press)
  • Mechanical pencil (.3 lead) (MUST-HAVE – These are not readily available in stores – you’ll need to purchase them online)
  • White vinyl eraser
  • Water container
  • Paper towels
  • Small container of table salt
  • Personal paper cutter/scissors (paper cutter preferred)