About Me

About Me

My artwork has been on a continuous path of purpose and passion since childhood.  I have always been curious and observant, with a keen eye for unique composition, and a flair for humor.
I consider myself an art adventurer as I try new processes and techniques, transforming ideas into expressive abstracts, gestural portraits, and art journals.  I appreciate the beauty of nature and its elements are a big influence in my artistic style.  I create spontaneously with gusto and without much expectation of outcome. My paintings lead me intuitively, transforming the final results into rich layers of colorful and textural information.  I hope my art resonates with each viewer personally.
Part of my love affair with art is reminding others that they have their own creative potential and gently guiding them in that direction.  It is important to me to encourage people to recover their imagination and play with abandon.  We all are creative – we just have to find our way back to the freedom of our childhood.  And the letting go and opening up is a life lesson as well as a creative one.

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